What is the Difference between Indica vs Sativa Cannabis?

What kind of high will I get from indica vs sativa?

Indica use creates a “couch-lock”, I-don’t-want-to-move-a-muscle type high. Using indica is a great choice for those nights indoors watching TV, playing video games, or just chilling with close companions. The indica high numbs the body down and induces an overall sense of relaxation, which is ideal for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Sativa use produces more of a mental, cereberal high, which often results in a boost in energy and imagination. Sativa strains are perfect when working creatively in activities such as writing, painting, and brainstorming new ideas. Sativas are also a great choice for enhancing the experience at artistic events like movies and concerts.

What are the medicinal effects of sativa vs indica?

Let me start off by saying I’m not a doctor, so you might want to do your own research or speak to a doctor before deciding if marijuana use is appropriate in treating your specific ailment. This is especially true if it is possible in your state to get a green card so you get the opportunity to use it legally. That being said, when analyzing the medicinal uses of indicas and sativas, there are some key similarities as well as differences.


One of the most well known similarities between the indica and sativa strains is their ability to relieve nausea. Medical marijuana is a popular choice in people who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS or are currently enduring chemotherapy. These 2 situations are notorious for causing severe episodes of nausea, which can be effectively eliminated with the introduction of THC into the system.

Increased appetite is another well-known benefit to people like this who are extremely ill but have a difficult time eating and staying nourished. When an individual is recovering or weakened for long periods of time, it is especially important that their body receives proper nutrition. Possessing a strong appetite could be the biggest difference between positive well-being and persistent sickness.

Whether it is an indica or sativa, these 2 medicinal benefits will surely be available. Though I have listed only 2, there are numerous positive effects of weed.


Noteworthy differences between indica and sativa are their abilities to relieve pain and insomnia. While both strains can achieve these effects to varying degrees, indicas tend to be more valuable in treating issues related to the body while sativas address problems of the mind.

Individuals suffering from chronic pain and afflictions such as Multiple Sclerosis or fibromyalgia will most likely find indicas are more potent for reducing pain levels. Indica serves as a great analgesic (pain reliever) for countless individuals.

Someone suffering from insomnia will probably also find that indica is an ideal solution. Under the effects of indica, users will definitely feel drowsy, tired, and have a strong urge to fall asleep. For someone who can’t bring themselves to rest, this effect could be nothing short of a blessing.

Sativas on the other hand are superb at addressing conditions like depression. Lots of people who suffer from depression would do anything to be able to find relief and will take prescription after prescription just to find some with unfavorable side effects. Yet, cannabis sativa can put people into the greatest of moods with virtually no negative effects (especially if vaporizing).

Some studies have also shown that sativas are capable of treating the symptoms of ADHD. At first glance it almost seems counterintuitive, but some ADHD sufferers say they can only focus when high on a sativa.

How can I tell if my buds are indica or sativa?

When it comes to identifying indica and sativa buds in its dried and cured form, there is no guaranteed method to identify which family it is a part of. Indica buds do tend to be denser and darker, and sativas are usually lighter and more airy. However, this is not by any stretch an ironclad method of identifying whether the buds are indica or sativa.

The only real way to tell once the weed has reached final product stage is by using it and making a determination based on the effects the buds are producing. It’s unfortunate that there is no other real method because not knowing until use could be worthless if it’s already bought and not what the buyer wanted. This is just another reason why growing marijuana is the best option for any serious user: full control over the buds that are grown, harvested, and used.