Richard Cowan, Dean of CannabizU

richard cowan  speaker board of advisors

Richard Cowan – Board of Advisors / Lecturer

Dean of Cannabis Business UniversitySM

Mr. Richard Cowan has decades of experience in a wide variety of business ventures. He has served on the board of a number of companies, both public and private, and is currently the chief financial officer and one of the directors of Cannabis Science Inc., (OTCBB:CBIS), a pioneering U.S. biotech company that is focused on developing pharmaceutical cannabis products.
Mr. Cowan is widely known for his published writing and political activism. However, his political past is not what most people expect. Mr. Cowan was president of the Yale Young Republicans, chairman of the Party of the Right in the Yale Political Union and he was a founding member of Young Americans for Freedom.

In December 1972, the National Review published Mr. Cowan’s article titled “Why Conservatives Should Support the Legalization of Marijuana.” This caused quite stir. In his book Smoke and Mirrors, Dan Baum said that this article “opened a second front in the war on drugs.” Time magazine even carried a story about the article.
In December 1986, the National Review published Mr. Cowan’s article titled “How the Narcs Created Crack.” This feature article has been cited in various scholarly journals as the origin of the economics of contraband, including “The Iron Law of Prohibition: the harder the enforcement, the harder the drugs.”
From August 1992 to August 1995, Mr. Cowan was the national director of NORML, The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. In 2000, Mr. Cowan did one of the earliest experiments with live video on, The 420 MarijuanaNews. It continued as a prerecorded streaming VBlog until 2005.
Mr. Cowan’s written word has appeared in a variety of newspapers and other publications, including the Atlantic Monthly. He has also made many television appearances, including interviews on numerous news programs, like CNN, and a variety of talk shows.
Mr. Cowan received a bachelor of arts in economics from Yale University in 1962.

Since 1997 Cowan has also published, one of the earliest “blogs”.

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